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Not all insurance companies fully understand the product liability exposure of dental labs.  In fact, a number of companies actually exclude Professional Liability coverage from their policies.  If you currently have a General Liability policy issued by State Farm, Nationwide or Liberty Mutual, there may be a gap in your coverage that is not insured.

When professionals are hired, they are done so with the belief that they have the necessary expertise and knowledge to carry out the task to the best of their abilities.  When professionals fail to meet the standards desired of them and their skill levels fall below expectations, they are liable to be taken to court for the loss they inflict upon the business of another person.

To understand the need for this coverage, it is critical to understand the potential liability:

  • Manufacturing or Production Flaws: A claim that some part of the production process created an unreasonably unsafe defect in the resulting product.
  • Design Defect:  A claim that the product’s design is inherently unsafe.
  • Defective Warnings or Instructions:  The claim that the product was not properly labeled or had insufficient warnings for the consumer to understand.

The damages awarded in these claims include medical costs, compensatory damages, economic damages, and, in some cases, attorney’s fees, costs and punitive damages.

At Consolidated Partners, Ltd., we work with The Harford to provide the most comprehensive policy available to fully protect your business and look forward to working with you.

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